I was born (1980) and raised in New England but moved out California to study Film Production and Photography at Cal State Northridge in 1999. Taught by CSUN's Leslie Krane and Ed Alfano, I reveled in photography's ability to present my view of the world to others. Insects thriving amongst the skyscrapers and pavement; cigarettes and fast food bags, only seconds ago someone's property, now disowned and discarded on the ground; melancholy young mothers riding the bus all alone: other people seem to glide right by these things without even noticing. I found it hard to pull my attention away from them. Photography gave me the ability to show something fascinating in what is often ignored.

After finishing school, I began photo assisting full-time for renowned bodybuilding photographer Michael Neveux and was introduced to a sub-culture that I had previously known little about. Aside from opening my eyes and allowing me to move to my current home of Long Beach, California, this posotion also greatly improved my studio lighting and model directing skills.

In 2009 I began creating large-scale works pairing 2-dimensional photographs with 3-dimensional frames to experiment with the boundaries between an image and it's surroundings. The first series to come out of this, Chains & Stainless, is made of photographs with chains and restraint as a visul theme, then framed heavy-guage, zinc-plated chain and stainless steel bars and hardware. Chains & Stainless has been on display at Boulevard3 in Hollywood, CA and at Sipology on Temple in Long Beach. Selected pieces from the series have been shown at Gallery Expo in Long Beach and at LA Decompression.